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"TiSO" Group of companies has manufactured physical security devices and systems for 20 years: fire-resistant doors, gates and curtains, all types of turnstiles, swing gates, emergency doors, road blocking systems and anti-ramming devices.
"TiSO" presents metal fire-resistant doors and gates; fire-resistant curtains with fire-resistance EI 30 (30 min) – EI 120 (120 min).
All products are manufactured at own high-tech production and meet international quality standards and requirements of most European countries. The cost effective Europe made fire doors are available from “TiSO” at any time.

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About us

Manufacturing of doors     manufacturing
Manufacturing of doors     manufacturing

"TiSO" Group of companies is engaged in manufacturing of fire-resistant structures, physical security devices and systems.
Many sites in more than 50 countries all over the world are equipped with systems and facilities manufactured by TiSO company.
During existence of group of companies we have served dozens of clients, many of whom have become our dealer and succeed with us.
All products are manufactured in strict compliance with international standards and meet all modern quality, safety, design and usability requirements.
Continuous and successful experience during the exploitation, elegant exterior and affordable price of our products work up the market day by day. Flexibility of production and creativity of our staff is more than enough to make stunning embodiment of your original designs.


Door closer  

Door closer

    Set of handles and heat-resistant plastic plates with a lock and cylinder  

Set of handles and heat-resistant plastic plates with a lock and cylinder

Seal with a thermal expansion on the perimeter  

Seal with a thermal expansion on the perimeter

    Permanent doorsill - 1  

Permanent doorsill - 1

3D adjustable hinge  

3D adjustable hinge

    Permanent doorsill - 2  

Permanent doorsill - 2

Anti-cut mechanism  

"Anti-cut" mechanism

    Doorsill for installation  

Doorsill for installation

  Standart complete set To be delivered additionally
Size 900, 1000 x 2100 Up to 2500 x 2500
Fire-resistance EI 60 Up to EI 120
Color RAL 7035 Any on RAL-scale
Dore-frame "Corner" Internal, "covering"
Doorsill For installation Two varioants of the permanent
Accessories Handles and lock “ISEO”;
Door-closer “I.B.F.M.”;
Seal with thermal expansion;
Rubber seal
Electro-magnets; “anti-panic”;
On choice: different handles,
locks, door-closers and
accessories; MDF-cover


Three colors are standard. Any other RAL-color is available for customized ordered.

    RAL-7035  RAL-8017  RAL-7035&RAL-8017
1   2   3
Please note, that real color may differ from that which you see in the screen.
Elements of doors    Doors  Doors
Element of doors

Wide range of different accessories is also available for order: electro-magnets; "anti-panic" mechanism; various handles, locks and door-closers.
Customized glazing available for any shape or configuration up to 90% of leaf area (with fire-resistance rating saving).

Element of doors"TiSO" produces fire-resistant doors with MDF-cover. Such doors combine high fire-resistance and attractive appearance. Due to steel leaf with special filler, we guarantee fire-resistance up to 120 minutes. In the same time, Customer can choose cover of different shape, color and thickness. Such door – is a real combination of reliability and goodliness.

Other products

Fire-resistant sliding gates    

sliding gates

Fire-resistant swing gates    

swing gates

"TiSO" presents gates of all types: swing, sliding, garage. All gates can be fire-resistant (EI 30-120), as well as non-fire-resistant (EI 00). Gates are produced on individual purchase and can have any size. Wide choice of gate automation and accessories from leading world manufacturers allows to build up the best solution for your task.

"TiSO" also presents fire-resistant curtains with fire-resistance EI120 (2 hours). Curtains are made from special fire-proof textile with thickness 0.7-3 mm. Available sizes are: height from 1 to 8 meters and width up to 20 meters. Curtains equipped by electro-drive. In normal mode curtains are wounded on shaft which is secured by metal box.
Fire-resistant curtains



Certificates UL of special-purpose fire doors   SK Certificate (SK01-ZSV-0340) of fire resistant and/or smoke control double (single) leaf steel door with glazing (EI60) and fire resistant double (single) leaf steel door without glazing (EI60)   Certificate SGS (ISO 9001:2008) of doors   About equivalence testing methods of fire doors (Translation)
Certificate (DSTU ISO 9001:2009) of TiSO-Production (doors)   Certificate of fire metal doors DMP1 with glazing(25%), EI60   Certificate of fire metal doors DMP1 with glazing(25%), EI60   Certificate of fire shock front doors DMP1 the second level of strength, EI60, EI30
Certificate of fire metal doors DMP2 solid and with glazing (25%), EI60   Certificate of fire sliding gates BRBM2, EI60   Certificate of fire metal doors DMP EI30 solid with MDF   Certificate (DSTU ISO 9001:2009) of TiSO-Production (doors)

All range of our products produced in full accordance with international standards
ISO 9001:2008.
Our doorsets comply with requirements of Ukrainian standard in field of fire protection DSTU B V.2.6-77:2009 «Fire-resistant metal doorsets. General technical requirements». The compliance is acknowledged by Ukrainian national certificates.

Double and single-leaf metal doors with fire resistance of 1 hour are certified with
UL Certificate (standart - UL 10B).
Video of fire test:
Fire Test of the special-purpose fire doors (EI60)
Our fire-resistant metal doors are certified to standart STN EN 16034: 2015 «Fire test of the fire resistant single (double) leaf steel door with glazing (type DMP1G EI60, DMP2G EI60)».
Video of fire tests:
Fire test of the fire resistant single leaf steel door with glazing (EI60)
Fire test of the fire resistant double leaf steel door with glazing (EI60)

Consider matching to European methods of testing of fire-resistant doorsets we can state our doorset comply with the European standard.


During the activity on the market of the TiSO has performed works and installed systems on over 4000 objects in more than 40 countries.

Hotels Government Institutions Production Trading
"Intercontinental", Kiev OSCE office, Pristina, Kosovo Banknote printing company "De La Rue", Malta Hypermarket "Auchan"
"Hayat", Kiev Ministry of Defense, Tallinn, Estonia "Carlsberg" Brewery, Kyiv, Ukraine "Metro Cash & Carry"
Fairmont Grand Hotel City Council, Glasgow, UK Flextronix Plant, Mukachevo  
"Park Inn" Ministry of Defense, Poland ALSTOM power plant, Narva, Estonia  
  The State Tax Administration, Kyiv, Ukraine    
  High Council of Justice, Kyiv, Ukraine    
Airports/transport Business centers Sport/Recreation Others
Hertz Rent-a-Car in airport, Marseille, France Business centre, Dubai, UAE Birmingham central park, UK Russian-Ukrainian humanitarian gymnasium, Kyiv
Airport, Lviv, Ukraine G4S office building, Tallinn, Estonia Stadium, Cairo, Egypt "Oberig" hospital, Kyiv
Boryspil Int. Airport, Ukraine "Gulliver" business center, Kyiv National sport-complex "Olimpiiskii", Kyiv Logistic complex, Boryspil
Kharkov Int. Airport, Ukraine "Leonardo" business center, Kyiv "Lvov Arena", Lvov  


Due to unique geographical position of Ukraine in the world, we can offer the most cost-effective shipping to any country. The best way to ship your order is calculated by our logistic specialists individually: depending on distance and volume of the purchase.
As our company working on worldwide market for many years we have most beneficial contracts with main logistic companies.
Please contact our managers to get best quotation.



Office: 72, Yamska str., 03150, Kyiv, Ukraine
Production site: 14, Promyslova str., 02088, Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.: +380 (44) 291-21-11
fax: +380 (44) 291-21-12


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